Criminal Investigation Section-Central 304 South Broadway, Suite 490 Los Angeles, CA 90013 Office: 213-473-3866 Fax: 213-473-4241. Criminal Investigation Section-Valley/West 2817 W. Empire Ave. Burbank, CA 91504. The Houston Police Department will continue to pursue each and every lead as it pertains to homicide investigations.. "/>

Jun 22, 2021 ยท Montgomery Alabama Police Department Criminal Investigations Division Challenge Coin Measures approx. 2 inches * PLASTIC COIN STAND NOT INCLUDED *. The Alabama Advanced Criminal Justice Academy Curriculum: Academics encompasses legal issues, preliminary investigation techniques, radio and communications, report writing, traffic .... . The Criminal Investigations Division assists crime victims with re-establishing a sense of safety and normalcy. Our personnel accomplish this by working in partnership with other divisions of the police department , city government and the McKinney community to.

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